Beard oil functions as both conditioner — to soften and moisturize the beard hair itself — and moisturizer for the skin underneath the beard, which is prone to drying out and general itchiness.
Absolutely! When facial hair is just coming in, it can be even more irritated and prickly than when it’s grown in a bit more. There’s no harm in using oil on your stubble to help condition and moisturize both the hair and the skin.
It all depends on your beard, how prone your skin is to becoming dry, and where you live. Generally, the answer will be 1-3 times a day. If you’re applying it just once a day, in the morning after you shower is best. You can also apply at midday and before bed, as needed. If your face feels dry, apply more; if it ever feels too oily, scale it back a bit. You’ll figure out a good routine as you experiment.
Add a handful of drops — the equivalent of perhaps ⅛ teaspoon — to your palm, rub with your other hand to get the oil on both hands, and then simply rub your hands over your beard. Make sure to sort of massage your face so that the oil gets evenly distributed into the hair and skin. That’s all it takes.
It works right away! Just as lotion works on dry hands right when you apply it, so does oil work immediately on your beard and face. Of course it continues to work over the course of a few hours, or an entire day, but there’s no time needed for it to set or anything.